On-Demand Webinar

Making Application Mobility for Test/Dev Across VMware Infrastructure and Public Clouds a Reality

Enterprise organizations that are in the process of transforming their private VMware clouds into hybrid clouds are often presented with scenarios for making on-premises virtual machines, applications, and data readily usable in public clouds. Traditionally, achieving such tasks is not easy due to the migration and conversion of virtual machines and how it may impact application and data stored within them.

GOOD NEWS! Cohesity has introduced a new feature to their DataPlatform called CloudSpin, which introduces a new capability that accelerates your test/dev initiatives in the cloud.

In this on-demand webinar you will learn how Cohesity CloudSpin is used in VMware infrastructures:

  • Make on-premises backup data easily reusable in the public cloud
  • Deliver on the promise of application mobility for test/dev 
  • Ensure that format conversion need no longer be a cumbersome process 

Rawlinson Rivera, Global Field CTO, Cohesity

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