On-Demand Webinar

Simplified Secondary Data Management: A Customer POV

Catch this on-demand webinar featuring Dan Frith from Telstra

Are you ready to modernize and simplify your secondary data? Cohesity helps you consolidate backup and recovery, files services and object storage, test and development, and analytics all on ONE platform. Watch this webinar to hear first hand from Dan Frith, on how he is leveraging Cohesity Helios, our SaaS-based global management solution, to increase his operational efficiency and derive meaningful business insights from all his secondary data.

In this webinar we demonstrate how you can easily manage all your secondary data and apps, globally from Helios. The demo will include:

  • Helios multi-cluster active management
  • Performing tasks like global upgrades and policy management
  • Search and recover objects across multiple Cohesity clusters
  • Machine-driven capacity prediction for business continuity
  • Derive business insights from secondary data

Dan Frith, Cloud Product Architect, Telstra
Jon Hildebrand, Principal Technologist, Cohesity

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